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Product Development

Product Development:
Drug Delivery Systems / Dosage Forms / Devices

Pharmacontrol provides product development services for emerging biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical device companies incorporating drug delivery in their products.

Pharmacontrol consists of senior/director level staff and partnering consultancies with an extensive record solving delivery needs, often with patented intellectual property we create to meet our clients' needs.

We can problem-solve in a centrally managed, technically integrated manner in the following areas with our experienced and accomplished staff:

Market research
Assess acceptability of proposed solutions hypothetically available at certain costs. Use focus panels and interviews for estimation of market magnitude.

User research
Anthropologically study document medical and patient behaviors. Identify opportunities and derive constraints for delivery system design.

Therapeutic requirements
Define therapeutic success in terms of pharmacodynamics, compliance, invasiveness, risk, etc., to be used to steer concept design and selection.

Concept design
Devise delivery methods to respond to design input, need, or problem statement (therapeutic requirements, user needs, market preferences). Combine innovation and public domain methods as appropriate to achieve functionality and target cost.

Delivery system development
Design, prototype, and demonstrate proof-of-principle operation of selected delivery concepts, including manufacturing feasibility at scale.

Process and equipment development
Engineer / specify / produce equipment and processes for efficient and simple manufacture at proof-of-principle, clinical, and large-scale levels.


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